Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Payson's 1st day of dance class

Payson started a little dance class on Tuesday and it was hilarious!! Her and Mary-Kate dance and sing all day long so we figured it was a good time to put them in a class and they both were a riot. Payson wasn't shy one bit, she acted like she owned the place, I was laughing so hard!! She is definitely nothing like her mom, I was such a tom boy and she is ALL girl!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Payson turned 2!!

Tyce finally got the courage to go down and he loved it!!

Talan even did it but he doesn't look like he enjoyed it very much!
Aunt Jess helping the kids catch the butterflies

Payson got this really fun game from Grandma Nielsen, it was a huge hit!!
Great Grandpa Jones, Aunt Jessica and Aunt Aubrey
Uncle Ryan lookin pretty tough!!

We did cupcakes in ice cream cones this year, they were so great, the kids could eat the whole thing!
Mary-Kate, she was outta control on that thing, I'm glad at least someone had fun with it!!

Saturday was Payson's 2nd birthday and boy did she have fun!! We had been telling her all week that it was going to be her birthday on Saturday, so when Saturday finally rolled around she was so excited. We just had a few friends and our families over for dinner and a little backyard madness with a massive slide that our poor 2 year old was terrified of!! There were only a handful of little kids that would actually participate in the madness but I think Mary-Kate took the cake, she was an ANIMAL!!! She loved the slide, Payson on the other hand was petrified, Nick attempted on several occasions to coax her down, so finally he stuck her up at the top and gave her a little push!! She ended up liking it but still was a little hesitant about it. We had a great time, thank you to everyone who came!! I can't believe our baby girl is no longer a baby. These last 2 years have flown by, she is such a blessing in our family. She has more personality than I know what to do with and is so much fun. Happy Birthday Payson!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Beauty school here she comes!!

And No I don't let her out in public with those Dora shoes!! I asked her to go and get her shoes on and that's what she came out with, I promise we changed those bad boys before we walked into church.
She is very intense about this whole hair styling thing, check out the looks on her face!!

Payson's latest thing is wanting to style everyones hair. I sometimes like it because it's always a treat to have someone play with your hair but she gets a little rough occasionally and we have to put an end to it. This past Sunday we had Stake conference, that means daddy has NO bishopric meetings before church and we all actually get to go together. It seems like it's been forever since we've gotten to go to church with Nick and Payson was loving every minute of helping her daddy get ready. She even wanted to do his hair!!! Hallelujah that it was finally his turn for the torture treatment!! She wants you to sit perfectly still as she SCRATCHES your scalp with the comb and then puts a million sprays of detangler in your hair!! I loved every minute of watching this take place and see Nick almost in tears as he kept telling her it looked great!! Thanks to her aunt Michelle for teaching her great hair styling techniques, now she wants to be just like her!!!