Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We found out yesterday that we are having a baby BOY!!! What am I going to do with myself, I've gotten so used to bows, nail polish, chapstick, purses, baby dolls, pink and more pink!!! We are WAY excited, Nick can't wait to have a little basketball buddy!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Fort and the Suns

Dallin and Sherry came over Saturday morning after I got home from the garage sales and invited us to go to the Suns game. Nick was jumping up and down like he had just won the lottery or something!! We had a great time, Nick thought it was so cool to see Shaq. The Suns killed the Kings and we ended up leaving early. Thanks Dallin and Sherry we had a great time!!

Nick would not keep a straight face for the life of him, believe me we tried several times to get a decent picture out of him!! Gotta love him!!

Saturday I got up bright and EARLY to go garage selling with my neighbor Katie. She is the queen of finding great deals at garage sales. I have been looking for some outdoor toys for the backyard so I thought I give it a shot. We came up empty handed but I did find Payson a little mini dirt devil vacuum and a baby swing for her dolls. I was so excited to get home and show her what I found but to my dismay she was more excited to show me what her and daddy had been up to all morning!! She ran me right into her room and this is what I found!! Nick and her eating skittles at 9 o'clock in the morning having a blast in the fort they made!! She did not want him to get out, they were both in heaven. Nick kept telling me about how much fun he had as a kid making forts all the time, so thats there new little thing.

Happy Birthday Babe!!!

Alright, everyone has been giving me a hard time about not blogging in forever, so here I go!! We had Nicks 24th birthday earlier this month which was fun!! Payson and I baked him a cake and she enjoyed frosting it the most. I think she dipped her hand in the frosting just about every time I turned my head. We didn't really celebrate on his actual b-day because it was on a Friday and he said he'd rather do something on Saturday so he could have the whole day......he actually believes when it's your b-day you get a whole week to celebrate.......oh shoot me!!! So on Saturday I surprised him and we went and got massages, which is a whole other story!! He really enjoyed that and it was much deserved for him. Then after that I took him on a wild goose chase to Flemings Steak House, he has been wanting to go there for a while now and I thought his b-day was a good enough excuse to blow WAY to much money on food!!! We had a great time, Nick was in heaven eating his steak, I of course got chicken!!! His birthday was a success, he's finally as old as I am, which always makes him feel a little bit better!! He is an amazing husband and dad. He works so hard, goes to school and has a very busy church calling but he always is sure to spend time with his girls, he's the BEST!!