Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Potty Training Blues

Once you think she's got it........this happens!!!
This is not even the whole mess, after I cleaned her poop covered hands off, I realized I need to capture this on camera. She not only had it all over hands but all over her legs too. Lately she hasn't wanted me to help her when she goes potty, so therefore I wasn't in the room as this occurred. After a few minutes of wondering what she was up to in there, this is what I discovered!! She didn't mind the nasty smell or the mess, if fact she enjoyed it!!
If your wondering about ever using my bathroom again, no worries I spent a good ten minutes disinfecting the hazardous can do your deed worry free!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Rigdon is 1 month old

Here are some random pictures of the kids. Rigdon is such a wonderful little baby, we just love him so much. Payson, has adjusted very well to the new addition, and has been a great little helper!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Caution: Do not let your husband around scissors

Well, once again I'm slacking on the whole blogging world but with that being said I was actually able to capture a few INTERESTING moments on camera. Life with 2 kids has been an easy adjustment but by the end of the day I am sooooo ready for Nick to be home. He is a wonderful help, he jumps right into the action when he gets home but as you can see by some of the following pictures, it's not always the way I would handle say the least!!!

So the other night he says, "I'll give Payson a bath" I'm thinking, great I have tons to do. So as I'm in the kitchen cleaning up I hear Payson yelling for me to come see her, which I thought was weird because I knew Nick was in there watching her. As I walked into the bathroom, I couldn't believe me eyes!!!! HE CUT HER HAIR!!!!!! Yes, you read that right! My poor little girl who didn't have hair until she was nearly 2 years old, now is sporting a MULLET!!! I thought I was going to die or actually I thought I was going to kill him!! I couldn't even talk, yell, think, or look at him or her!! She was smiling from ear to ear, she loved every minute of her daddy cutting her hair but little did she know he made a full blown mullet out of her hair!!! Ok so right now your probably wondering why on earth he would attempt such an act, I asked the same question!! He said with a big smile on his face, " her bangs were always in her eyes and I wanted to TRIM them up a bit"!!! I about had a heart attack, not only did he think he just trimmed them, he cut them when they were wet, therefore when they dried they were EVEN SHORTER!!! It doesn't end there, he not only cut what he considered "bangs" he cut half way around her head and it's not even straight!! I still get sick to my stomach thinking about it and how now I will not only hide the scissors from my children but my husband too!!! Anyway, I got over it, were trying to move on with the situation, I threatend his life the next time he attempts such a thing to any of our little girls. I now have to use a whole bottle of hair spray just to keep her bangs swooped to the side. Life goes on, enjoy the photos!!