Friday, August 21, 2009

Camelback Mountain

Nick and I went and hiked Camelback last Saturday and it was so much fun!!! I have always loved hiking and had to convince Nick he would love it too if he just went and tried and it was a success, he loved it!!! We want to try to go a few times a month now and find some fun new places!! It was a dang good work out for the both of us, we were both drenched by the time we got to the top, yeah for 110 degree weather!!!


This deserves a post!! Nick has been patiently waiting to see if he got accepted into ASU's buisness school and he DID!!! We are soooo excited for him, he has worked so hard these past few years balancing family, work, school, and church callings and it has really paid off!! We are excited for this new adventure and I know he will do great!! We love you babe, Congratulations!!!


Rigdon is by far WAY crazier than Payson ever was!! This kid is into everything!! I LOVE it though!! He hasn't permanently destroyed anything yet but when he does I will take those words back!! He really is so much fun, Nick can't get enough of having a little boy to wrestle with and Rigdon loves, loves, loves his daddy!! It's so much fun to have one of each because boys and girls by nature are just soooo different and both equally as fun!! Rigdon is getting so big so fast, he turns one next month and I just can't believe it. He is flying through our house.....still on hands and knees and has started taking a few steps. He is such a good boy.....except when he is teething!! He loves his sister and wants to follow her around ALL day.....she doesn't really love that though!! Payson is really great with him, she does make a point to give him her attention when needed and loves to make him happy!

This is what he does almost every night while I'm making dinner......gotta love that smile though!!! What ever it takes to get dinner made without holding a child in your arms!!

I love this face, although he makes it way too much and it just yells TROUBLE!!!

Just havin' fun making a major mess!!
Just want to squeeze him!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


MK and Payson

Payson wanted to show off her new backpack

My little preschooler

Payson started preschool this week!! It's so crazy to think she is already old enough to go to preschool. She was soooo excited, she had been waiting all year to go. She had a blast her first day. All of her little best friends are in her class and in her words, "there's even BOYS!!". She loves those boys!! When I pulled up to drop her off she didn't even want me to walk her to the door, she just kept telling me over and over again "mom, you don't need to walk me to the door!". I was kind of appalled, but I talked her into letting me walk her up this one time because all the other moms are doing it!!! She is wayyyy to young to be saying those kinds of things. She had a great time, Rigdon on the other hand missed his sister. He kept going to her bedroom door and just sitting there thinking she was going to come out of it at any moment, it was so cute!! I love my kids, they are so much fun but getting way to big way to fast. Rigdon has been a champ this week. He's had his first ear infection along with his 2 top teeth come through, to say the least its been a rough week with him but he's hanging in there. Nick started a new job and is now going to school full time!! yeah!! He just applied to ASU's business school so we'll see if he gets in this semester or next. We've had lots of changes but good ones, it's been a great learning experience for us.