Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sleeping Beauty hair

This morning I was getting Payson ready for church and she insisted on having "Sleeping Beauty" hair. I asked her what that looked like and she said "LONG mom!!" Like I should know that sort of thing....duh!! I always put her hair up in some sort of way after Nick butchered her hair a few months ago, I just can't stand the mullet look!! So I tried straightening it and it actually looked pretty cute and she loved it. I thought she looked so grown up, she was proud!!

Best little buds

Payson and Rigdon have become the best little buddies. He loves, loves, loves his sister and laughs at her every move. It is so much fun to have these two and watch their relationship grow. I'm sure we'll be reading this in a few years and wonder what happened but right now it is the best.

So many people think they look so much a like, Payson was a MUCH bigger baby than he is though!!

I love this little boy, he is the cutest!! He is changing so much. He is almost sitting up, eating baby food, STILL won't take a bottle, sleeping almost through the whole night.....yea for me, and recognizing when I leave him.....momma's boy!! He is the best little baby, if all ours were like him I would have 10!!

Doesn't she seem so big? She is growing up so much!! Payson has recently become completely potty trained, we are THRILLED!!!

Swim Lessons

Payson started swim lessons last week and she loved every minute of it. I was a little nervous that she wouldn't get in since she hasn't been swimming since summer time but she got right in and down to business. There are only 5 kids in her class and one of them happens to be her best little boy friend, Tyce! They just giggled and giggled at every little thing and they both did so awesome!! She has been practicing her moves ever since and can't wait until tomorrow to go again.

The teacher was showing her how to do something and when I showed her this picture on my camera she said that her and Ms. Stacy were dancing.......such a girl thing to say!!