Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rigdon's Blessing

Nick's Nana And Papa Johnson

Don't our kids look so happy to
be taking pictures with us!

Nick and Papa Johnson

This last Sunday we were able to bless Rigdon. Nick did a wonderful job, I always look forward to these times. It is such a sweet, special time to watch your husband take your little baby in his arms and give them a blessing that comes directly from their father in heaven. I wish I would have taken more pictures but I ALWAYS seem to get myself caught up in all the action. I want to hire a photographer to follow my family and I around and take pictures for me......I'm really bad!! Anyway, we had lots of family and friends who made the trek all the way out here...thanks to all who came, we always enjoy your company!! Here are the VERY few pictures that I did take!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Mary-Kate, Sadie and Payson
Nick was such a trooper taking Rigdon around in the carrier

Nick and Payson trying to eat donuts off of a string....pretty funny to watch!!

Why can't I figure out how to blog right!!! Can somebody teach me how to post pictures the right way!!

Halloween this year was a ton of fun. Payson is at the perfect age, she was so into dressing up and loved every minute of all the festivities. Every year my in-laws ward does a HUGE fall festival which includes pony rides, a train ride, bouncing castles, cotton candy, shaved ice, games and more games. We had fun but of course I forgot my camera!! Then on Friday was our ward party and that was a big hit as well. Payson dressed up as Sleeping beauty, she is VERY into all the princesses right now and she loved whenever she saw another girl dressed like one.