Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy 25th birthday babe!!

Nick turned the BIG 25 on Saturday!! We started off the morning with a big breakfast of his choice, breakfast burritos!! Payson helped me in the kitchen and Nick ate his little heart out. We surprised him with a laptop for his b-day. He's been needing one for school for a while now andI just can't ever get him to spend the money on himself, so I did it for him!! He of course loved it and spent his afternoon doing homework on it.....what fun on your b-day!! We then headed over to his mom's for a little birthday celebration where he got hooked up with some more accessories for his computer, which he loved!! After that we dropped the kiddo's off at my mom's and went out to dinner and to the Hale theater. We were the youngest one's in that place by at least 50 years!! A few years ago we won tickets to attend a play at the Hale theatre and to my MAJOR dismay Nick loved it.....such a random thing for him to enjoy!! I have to say I'm not a fan of theatre or really movies for that matter, just way to much A.D.D. to sit through!! Anyway, I got him tickets to see "The King and I" for his birthday, I kept hearing it should be a great play. Well, we got through the first half and at intermission we left......we both were sooooo bored!! We decided that we or should I say Nick only enjoys the comedy play's. Anyway, we had a great day and it was fun making it all about Nick. He truly is an amazing husband and father. I honestly don't know how he does what he does, works full time... plus some, goes to school, serves in the church and makes time for us, Always!! He has the most patience in the entire world and would do anything for anybody. He honestly is the most thoughtful kind hearted person I know and did I mention the funniest most outta control person too!! We love you babe, Happy Birthday!!!

More Valentine's Day fun!

Our ward had a Valentine's Dinner that night so we got one of the Young Women from our ward to watch our kids. We had Mary-Kate and Lowee come over to join the party, these girls could play all night if we let them, their like sisters!! We walked into the house at around 9pm and this is what we found!! The girls were dressed up in these 1990's dance costumes of my cousins, just singing and dancing there little hearts out!! We were all cracking up, and our sweet little Rigdon stayed fast asleep during all the commotion!! Thanks Jade and Cheyenne for the costumes, they really are a big hit around here!!

Valentine's Day.....or is it Balemtimes Day!!!

Valentine's Day or according to Payson it's "Balemtime's Day" we had her little friend Sadie over to make cupcakes. These two were a crack up, I think they had more fun eating the frosting and cake batter!!
Here's the final product, they did a pretty dang good job and they were delicious!