Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Alright so everybody has been telling me all about the hype of having a blog so I thought I'd jump on the band wagon and give it a shot!!! Please note that I am terrible with computers and will most likely have a very generic blog and if your lucky I might just figure out how to put some pictures on here!!!
So we had our annual Halloween bash and this year we hosted it!! It is always a fun event, TONS of food, fun and a night of being a referee to about 8 kids under the age of 4!!! We started the tradition last year and we've decided to carry on with it until everyone has a turn at the complete chaos!!! We have met so many wonderful friends from our ward since living out here in the boon docs as Nick and I refer to it!! Payson already has her little best friends that she plays with daily even a boy she just adores the heck out of and she's only 1......oh shoot me!!! It has been such a blessing to have met all of these wonderful people, we seriously are like family to each other.