Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nick and I along with Jason and Heidi Woody went snowboarding this weekend up at Sunrise. It was a ton of fun and Freezing cold!! We left Friday afternoon to drive up and we were hearing that the roads were all closed up north because it had been snowing all day. That wouldn't stop Nick and Jason from going though, they were dead set on it.....shoot me!!! We got to about Heber and it was snowing like crazy all the way to Sunrise, it was a SLOW trip but very adventurous to say the least!!! Saturday morning we woke up and it was a beautiful sunny day but still way cold. We all had a great time, Nick hadn't been since before his mission and it had been a few years for me too. No trips to the ER, which was good, I was a little nervous for Nick. If any of you know my husband he can get a little crazy, I had to give him like 5 pep talks about not doing anything dumb. Of course I was way worried about being 3 months pregnant and going but my Dr. said it would be alright up until I was 5 months along. I just took it easy and stayed out the way of the skiers!!

Happy Valentines Day

Our friend Nikki invited all the kids over on Valentines day to decorate cookies. It was a ton of fun, I think Payson liked eating the frosting the best. Thanks Nikki for letting us all come destroy your house and eat all your delicious cookies!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

baby #2 is on its way!!

Our little family of three is about to become a family of four!!! Were havin' a baby!! I'm due at the end of August, which should be a total blast going through the hottest part of the summer huge and pregnant......shoot me!!! We are all way excited, Payson thinks the baby is in her belly, daddys belly and of course mine but that's because she thinks everyone has a baby, gotta love little kids!!