Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sun Splash

Well, its been like a year since I've last posted but I have a good excuse.....our camera was broken!! I've just concluded that I'm officially really bad about updating our blog, I swear I'm going to get better now that I have a device to capture some moments on! So yesterday was officially the first day back into the photo taking world for us. We had such a blast going to sun splash. It had been YEARS since I'd been there and I found out yesterday for the first time that Nick had NEVER been before!! Holy cow, he grew up in Mesa/Gilbert practically his whole life!! We went with the whole Bridge clan and the Baums, thanks Bridges for such a fun day and introducing such a cool place to Nick....bless his heart!! Payson loved every minute of it, although the water was a bit chilly, and all the kids were a little hesitant at first but they got in and had so much fun.