Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Payson turned 3!!

These pictures are so out of order.
Payson riding her new bike.

Safety first!!

Check out these poses!! My mother in law gave Payson this whole outfit for her birthday and it is soooo adorable!! This skirt is sooo Payson, she loves anything girly. This is right before church on Sunday, her actual birthday. She had so much fun being dressed up for her birthday.

Where did she come from??

I love this girl!!

Payson turned 3 on June 14th!! I can't believe that our baby girl is 3. Upon her request she wanted a swimming princess party. Thanks to my in laws we accomplished just that, we got to swim in their pool and set up the slide again, which is always a big hit. Payson got everything a little girl could dream of. My mom made her this adorable princess cake and we also served chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, per her request!!

Payson and her best little buddy Mary-Kate

Payson loves to jump off the diving board, she is my wild child!



Todd, Christy, and Co. said...

Happy Birthday Payson! She is the cutest little '3' year old! Looks like some fun birthday presents too! We keep saying we need to get together- but we really need to do it! I'll have Todd call you guys and plan a day to have you over for dinner and games.

The Strong Family said...

Happy birthday Payson. We missed you guys the last time we were in AZ. We'll get you the next time up (late fall/winter). Payson is such a cutie, and she is a wild child. Savannah is almost 5, has taken swimming lessons but still doesn't dare do anything like that.

Kates said...

Love the posing in her new outfit! I wish we would have been in church that sunday to see her in it. She needs to wear it again!

Amy said...

Isn't it crazy how quickly they grow up! Eliza wants a bike too for her 3rd Birthday. Payson is adorable. It would be fun to get together with you guys some time, maybe even marcus and amy could hang too.

The Strong Family said...

can you send us your email we decided to go private